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Shanvi Estate Management Services Pvt. Ltd.strived to continually enhance tenant service   delivery by assessing client satisfaction and by evaluating and incorporating feedback.

Client satisfaction and service quality levels at Shanvi Estate Management Services Pvt.   Ltd.managed properties are measured through written surveys and personalized random   telephone surveys. The surveys enable managers to assess customer satisfaction, define   concerns and evaluate service performance .survey topics include comfort, reliability   service level and responsiveness of management staff.

  Survey results are used by Shanvi Estate Management Services Pvt. Ltd.corporate   Management to identify regional trends and to evaluate current practices to develop   strategies for improvement and services enhancement. Additionally, and with the approval   of our client ,Shanvi Estate Management Services Pvt. Ltd.will conduct personal interviews   with a number of occupants and individual users to identify areas for improvement of   more  effective deployment of resources.

The object of  the survey is to establish the satisfaction level of each occupant   organization with service. Thereafter  analyze and develop strategy to bridge the Gap for   desired service levels.

Customer Feedback & satisfaction system implementation procedure .

The customer satisfaction format would be implemented as a part of the  ISO system   implementation at the site .a detailed schedule would be drawn up with a frequency of   such  survey as once in three months followed with immediate analysis of the same.

The analysis is done basing on a scientific quantified process where each factor is given a   due weightage  with a relative points grading system.the total numbers of points obtained   are used to find the quantified service levels. This quantified service percentage is then   averaged out  based on the number of survey level satisfaction at the particular site.

Further on the survey is also analyzed  to point out deficient areas that need to be   accounted for and corrective systems to be put in place .

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